Mario He unbeatable at the Mezz Ring-Fight

Mario He unbeatable at the Mezz Ring-Fight2017-05-04T10:24:42+02:00

Mario He unbeatable at the Mezz Ring-Fight

deutscher Text...Mario HeSix players lined up at Stuttgart Open’s Centre Court at late hour to battle each other in a well paid ringgame to find the best offensive player. In addition to the players’ starting fee a beautiful glass trophy as well as a nice add-on money sponsored by Mezz Cues were to be won. With Roman Hybler, Mario He, Valery Kuloyants, Stefan Nölle, Jonni Fulcher and Timo Kozic the opponents were all of distinction and partly some of the German and European elite. So the shown playing performance was very high and attractive.

Based on special rules (no safety allowed etc.) the contenders solely played offensive pool which makes a ringgame something special not only for the viewers. After about 90 minutes Roman Hybler first had to leave the stage. A little later Kuloyants, Fulcher and Kozic followed him. So at the end Mario He, current 8-Ball European Champion, and Stefan Nölle stood against each other in the final heads-up. The just 18 year old He from Vorarlberg (Austria) showed excellent offensive qualities as he did in the rounds before and quickly defeated Nölle to take away the trophy and the prize money.

Mario He who as player is also sponsored by the Ring-Fight sponsor Mezz Cues was visibly happy about this title and the noble prize money. Without a doubt he won the Mezz Ring-Fight rightly. At this evening there just was no answer to the young friendly Austrian.

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