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The Stuttgart Open venues

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Stuttgart – Sportcafé Carambolage

The „Cara“ is Billard Club Feuersee’s home and the centre of the Stuttgart Open tournament with the TV-Centre-Court for all live-broadcastings. Here the final stage and some preliminary fields take place as well as the Jugend Regio-Cup and all side-events. There’s also a barbecue grill for participants and guests. The Carambolage is favoured by revellers, pool-players and sport fans in and around Stuttgart and has 13 Brunswick Gold Crown tournament pool-tables (therefrom 3 in separate smokers room), dart automats and table soccer. Soccer matches and sport events are shown on big screens.

Sportcafé Carambolage
Rotebühlstr. 81
70178 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 6150927
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Leonberg – Sportcafé Victory

The „Vic“ is a venue just for preliminary fields of the Stuttgart Open. It is the smallest Sportcafé with 9 Brunswick Gold Crown tournament pool-tables and some dart automates. The Victory is pleased as a hot spot in Leonberg and its region and offers cosy atmosphere, a seperate smokers room, terrace and parking places.

Sportcafé Victory
Steinbeissstr. 3
71229 Leonberg
Tel.: 07152 909709
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Ludwigsburg – Sportcafé Markthalle

The „Maha“ is a venue for preliminary fields of the Stuttgart Open. It is the biggest and most ambitious project of the Rosenau family. There are 17 Brunswick tournament pool-tables, 2 snooker-tables and an HD-cinema-screen for sport events to be shown. This location is probably one of the most beautiful billiard halls in Germany. It offers a seperate smokers room, big parking area, a cosy terrace, dart automates and table soccer.

Sportcafé Markthalle
Martin-Luther-Str. 36
71636 Ludwigsburg
Tel.: 07141 7029466
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Filderstadt – Sportcafé AnnyWay

The AnnyWay is the youngest of the Sportcafés and got that name in 2011. It is a venue for a Stuttgart Open preliminary field since 2013. The location has 18 pool tables and thereby even outranges the Markthalle Ludwigsburg. So it is perfectly prepared for a full starting field. New renovated it attracts the party scene from Filderstadt and surroundings especially at the weekend and like the other Sportcafés offers a varied entertainment program and free parking spaces.

Sportcafé AnnyWay
Jakob-Brodbeck-Str. 10
70794 Filderstadt
Tel.: 0711 95873534
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