Reimering triumphs in Stuttgart for the third time

Reimering triumphs in Stuttgart for the third time2017-05-04T10:22:35+02:00

Reimering triumphs in Stuttgart for the third time

deutscher Text...Christian Reimering, Winner 2012The so far most successful player in the history of Stuttgart Open defeated his final opponent Jakob Belka in the seventh edition of the annual tournament hosted by Billard Club Feuersee and organised by Pool-Stage. After 2007 and 2008 Reimering one more time won the most favoured title in Germany’s pool tournament calendar.

With an impressive performance throughout the whole tournament Reimering emphasized his ambitions to win the title from the beginning of the rounds. He was very happy about his victory and told that this trophy and the title would be much more precious than the prize money he won. With its outstanding public relations, unique marketing and many thousands of viewers at the premium livestream the Stuttgart Open win more attention by sponsors and fans than any other German and even European tournaments. Reimering stressed that he likes the playing material, the hosters and the tour organisation. These would be the secrets for his consecutive success in Stuttgart, Reimering told. In former years Reimering achieved two third, one fourth and one ninth places besides his three victories. So he underlined that he will ever be one of the top favourites for this title and each Stuttgart Open winner will have to find a way to pass Christian Reimering to become a champion here. His opponent Jakob Belka wasn’t too successful in Stuttgart for the last years. So he was very glad to reach the final match and was very happy about his runner-up title. He was a really great sportsman and complimented Reimering for his success. He also thanked for this great tournament and an outstanding organisation.

The Stuttgart Open one more time set new standards in many ways and raised the bar for successful organisation and commercialisation of pool tournaments. Not less than 20 sponsors could be found for this event and they got very attractive advertising options. The team of Pool-Stage, the best known German media company in pool-sports, was responsible for the whole organisation and made preparations for many months. Stephan Mohr, Michael Mohr and David Berkemeyer, the three “Stagies”, even did most of the local work. Some members of the hoster Billard Club Feuersee also added their manpower at the tournament’s organisation, the BBQ grill and as referees at the Centre Court.

Special thanks go to the many sponsors, the teams of the Sportcafés>> where the tournament’s rounds took place anBillard Club Feuersee>>’s members.
Here>> you can find all results of Stuttgart Open.

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