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DBU licence no. DBU-10-Ball-006-2017
1. Tournament mode

10-ball (alternate break) by rules of WPA:

  • group stage
  • final stage
  • semi-final & final match
race to 4
race to 6
race to 7
Date Time (CET) Stuttgart Leonberg Ludwigsburg Filderstadt
Fr., July 14, 2017 03:00 pm field A
Sa., July 15, 2017 09:00 am field B field C field D
12:00 noon field E field F
01:00 pm field G
6:00 pm final stage part 1
8:00 pm final stage part 2
10:00 pm final stage part 3
Su., July 16, 2017 10:00 am final stage
Group stage:
  • 7 fields, each divided in 4 groups, each with 6 players. Sort of ranking: 1. won matches, 2. won frames, 3. direct comparison
  • mode: „Round Robin“ within the group
  • the first two players of each group are qualified for the final stage
  • the four third placed of the groups play shootout for one final stage starting place
  • the shootout-ball will be announced on location
  • the participants each shoot 5 times rotational, the one with the most potted balls wins
  • if there’s no decision after 5 shots, each player gets one more shot until one winner is determined

The first round of the final stage is played on Saturday evening in Stuttgart.

Group allocation will be drawn by tour administration. Top players will be settled.

Compulsary attendance is 30 min. before starting time. Participants have to start a match within 15 min. after first call. Otherwise the match is lost.

Doping terms of DBU are to be considered and consuming alcohol is prohibited during and between the matches.

Dresscode: Club-shirt or neat casual shirt with collar (no T-Shirt!), clean long dress trousers of any color (no jeans, cargo etc.), color matching unicolored shoes and socks. Importance is attached to neat appearance.

2. Prize money

Prize money: 8,000 EUR (cash):
place 1
place 2
places 3-4 each
places 5-8 each
places 9-16 each
places 17-32 each
places 33-64 each
1,500 EUR
900 EUR
500 EUR
250 EUR
130 EUR
80 EUR
40 EUR
Receipt of prize money is taxable.

If the tournament is not sold out prize money can be cut proportionately.

3. Venues

Sportcafé Carambolage
Rotebühlstr. 81
70178 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 6150927
Sportcafé Victory
Steinbeissstr. 3
71229 Leonberg
Tel.: 07152 909709
Sportcafé Markthalle
Martin-Luther-Str. 36
71636 Ludwigsburg
Tel.: 07141 7029466
Sportcafé AnnyWay
Jakob-Brodbeck-Str. 10
70794 Filderstadt
Tel.: 0711 95873534

4. Registration and starting fee

The registration has to be done via or on location at the tournament management. Registration obligates to payment of the starting fee. The starting place will be reserved not until money receipt.

Starting fee: 45 EUR with receipt until June 22, 2017
55 EUR with receipt from June 23, 2017
60 EUR with payment on location and rebuy
Bank account BC Feuersee e.V.: No.
600 400 71 (Commerzbank Stuttgart)
DE 77 6004 0071 0544 5515 00
PayPal BC Feuersee e.V.: (plus 2 EUR PayPal fee)

By registration the participants agree that tournament results including name, photos and videos are published in various media (press, internet etc.). With permission personal data are exclusively transferred to partners of BC Feuersee e.V. The transfer of personal data to third parties is excluded.


Stuttgart, January 31, 2017