Data privacy declaration

Informations about use of personal data

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Collection of personal data

For realizing tournaments of Billard Club Feuersee e.V. the following personal data are collected:

  • name and first name
  • address (street, ZIP code, town)
  • contact details (e-mail-address, mobile phone number)
  • date of birth


Usage and forwarding of personal data


Personal data are used for organizing and realizing the tournament for which the participant has registered. Personal data may be forwarded to affiliates and sponsors of Billard Club Feuersee e.V. for marketing and advertising purposes if the concerning person did agree. Personal data will not be forwarded to third parties but will exclusively be saved at BC Feuersee e.V. respectively its partners and sponsors.

Personal data will be deleted when the agreement for saving your data will be cancelled after the tournament you registered for or if saving your data is not allowed for any other legal reasons.


Right of access

On enquiry BC Feuersee e.V. informs about any saved data concerning the respective person.