Programme and Events at Stuttgart Open

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Date Time (CET) Stuttgart Leonberg Ludwigsburg Filderstadt
Fr., July 14 3:00 pm    
ca. 8:00 pm    
Jugend Regio-Cup   Field A
Shootout A
Sa., July 15 9:00 am    
12:00 noon
1:00 pm    
ca. 3:00 pm    
5:00 pm    
6:00 pm    
ca. 7:00 pm    
Field B
Field G
Shootout B
Final Stage (last 64)
Shootout G
Field C
Shootout C
Field D
Field E
Shootout D
Shootout E
Field F
Shootout F
Su., July 16 10:00 am    
ca. 8:00 pm    
Final Stage (last 32)
Final Match

During the whole weekend you can get fresh grilled food at Sportcafé Carambolage in Stuttgart.

Details about the Side-Events



After each field is played the four third placed players will fight in the shootout for one final round starting place. The participants each shoot a special ball 5 times rotational. The ball to shoot will be announced on location. The player with the most potted balls wins. If there’s no decision after 5 shots, each player gets one more shot until one winner is determined. Great suspence guaranteed!



The two final players of the Jugend Regio-Cup will compete each together with one top-player in a double match. In this showmatch 8-Ball will be played with alternate shot in a race to 6. This match will take place on Saturday afternoon at primetime on the Centre Court and will be streamed by Pool-Stage live to the www-audience.